Custom Printed Desk Pad Calendars


As A FREE option to maximize your spend and opportunity to remind your clients of your logo and company, quickprint prices include overprinting your company name, logo and contact details in two colours. A ghost image of your logo in the background is a FREE option.


quickprint desk pad calendars include the month of December as a FREE 13th month, giving you the ultimate in a competitive edge. Invest in this opportunity and get a ‘quick’ start so that your calendar reach your clients before they finish their last sheet for the year. YOUR deskpad calendar will be the last thing they see at the end of their year and the first thing they see in the January of the New Year. Your company, logo and contact details will be at the top of minds as they launch the new year.


Our new compact calendar desk pads give your clients 365 days to have your company top of mind as they fit neatly in front of computers and can double up as mouse pads. This small, convenient quickprint desk calendar maximizes space and creates brand awareness.

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750 R17.89 R13414
1000 R15.36 R15358

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750 R25.55 R19163
1000 R21.94


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